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Caboki Scalp Revitalizing Massage Brush

Sales price $8.00 Regular price $13.95

CABOKI Scalp Revitalizing Massage Brush with specially engineered soft bristles cleanses and exfoliates while gently massages the scalp while you shampoo.  It works effectively to remove product buildups and dead skins on your scalp to reduce dandruff and improve scalp health. Or use with dry hair throughout the day to massage and distress your hair and scalp. It works to stimulate scalp with better blood circulation to promote hair growth and overall scalp health. 

  • Clean Scalp:  Reduce dandruff, product buildup and excess oil. Exfoliate scalp. 
  • Stimulate Scalp:  Improve blood circulation, boost hair growth and healthy hair. 
  • Soft & Flexible Bristles:  Safe on even the most sensitive scalp for a relaxing and comfortable massage. 
  • Ergonomic:  Light weight and easy to hold. 
  • Waterproof:  Can be used wet or dry.   
  • Suitable for all hair types.